Authorized Resellers

To register a .sm domain name it is always mandatory to contact an Authorized Reseller, which will support you for any kind of matter concerning the domain name itself (price, renewal, specific documentation, modify of Owner Data, deletion, etc ...).
If you don't choose an Authorized Reseller you will be automatically assigned to TIM San Marino S.p.A..
The whole instructions on this web site are independent from the Reseller you choose.

List of Authorized Resellers


TIM San Marino S.p.A.

IttWeb Srl

Aico Srl

Registration charges

The Registration Authority regulates the registration charges, manages and controls payments only with Authorized Resellers.
The Resellers individually manage their charges for .sm domain names to their customers following their marketing strategies, so it's recommended to examine Resellers official web sites for any kind of informations about registration charges for customers.