Filling in on-line the LAR for Legal Entities

This is a help page to fully fill in the LAR for Legal Entities. You have to fill in the fields in the following form with the data asked in the LAR and then clicking on the "Proceed" button you will obtain a fully filled in LAR in pdf format, ready to be printed, signed and then sent.
To know the meaning of the requested fields and see an example of a correctly filled in LAR please visit the page LAR Instructions.

CAUTION: the procedure will check the presence of mandatory fields and the syntax of the domain name and email. It's compiler duty to check the accuracy of the data written in the form.


Date Format: DD/MM/YYYY

N.B.: we remind you thah after you have sent the LAR, the provider/mantainer (Technical Contact) have to send the MRE.
Please read the MRE Instructions.